Benefits & Advantages of Metal Shearing

Benefits & Advantages of Metal Shearing

Metals like steel and aluminum are prized for their versatility and durability. They are also popular because they can be cut and sized to the precise needs of consumers. At Tampa Steel & Supply, we not only supply quality metals, but we have all of the high-end equipment needed to process your metal supplies too. One example of processing is Metal Shearing.

What is Metal Shearing (Sheet Metal Cutting)?

A metal shearing machine is used for cutting sheet metal, plate, aluminum, and stainless steel to size.

Sheet Metal Cutting (Shearing) Cutting processes are those in which a piece of sheet metal is separated by applying a great enough force to cause the material to fail. The most common cutting processes are performed by applying a shearing force and are referred to as shearing processes.

7 Benefits & Advantages of Metal Shearing | Cutting Sheet Metal  

  1. Provides the ability to make straight line cuts on flat sheet stock
  2. Cleaner cut
  3. Straighter edge than traditional torch cutting.
  4. Since shearing cuts without forming chips or burning or melting the material, the process works well with most softer metals.
  5. Perhaps the biggest advantage of shearing is that it produces minimal or no kerf, with virtually no loss of material which equates to minimal waste.
  6. Shearing can be used with virtually any diameter part and is especially cost-effective for high-output operations producing thousands of pieces per hour. However, shearing is not ideal for lengths under 0.750”.
  7. Can cut relatively small lengths of material at a time because the shearing blades are able to be mounted at an angle. This reduces the overall shearing force needed for each project.

How is Metal Shearing Done?

The metal to be cut is held in place with hold-downs. The cuts are positioned by a squaring arm with scale on it or with a back gauge. Other angles are possible with an angle gauge. On some sheet metal shears and most plate shears, the blade gap is adjustable for different metal thicknesses. Metal is placed between two blades: one upper and one lower blade. One of the blades will generally remain stationary. Tampa Steel & Supply uses high-quality technology when it comes to metal shearing.


The Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear Machine Accurshear is the most accurate machine available of this type, so you will receive the highest quality of metal shearing services. The Accurshear is used for cutting sheet metal, plate, aluminum, and stainless steel with a clean straight cut with minimum waste.

Cut Sizes

Tampa Steel & Supply’s maximum machine sizes to cut are:

Steel – ¼” Thickness x 10’ Long
Aluminum – 3/8” Thickness x 10’ Long
Stainless – 11 Gauge x 10’ Long

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