Diamond Plate Benefits and Uses

Diamond Plate Benefits and Uses

In the world of steel, there are plenty of plates and sheets. They vary in thickness, durability, and use. However, when it comes to diamond plate – whether steel or aluminum – it’s distinct in its benefits and overall look.

Diamond plate, also known as tread plate, can be utilized in situations where other smooth plates cannot do the job justice. Given its name for its alternating diamonds or small individual blocks of raised bars in a checkerboard arrangement, diamond plate’s design is utilized not only for aesthetics, but the practicality it provides.

To see what diamond plate has to offer, here are the benefits and uses diamond plate provides.

4 Benefits and Uses of Diamond Plate

1. No Slip, No Slide

Safety at any job site should be a primary focus. It’s far too often that a slip and fall could have been prevented by placing a simple sign that says the area is wet. Now, there shouldn’t be any reason not to put signage up, but there is always room for reinforcements. That said, the raised diamond pattern of diamond plate provides traction that makes this material a popular option for high traffic areas like steps, handicapped access ramps, elevators, ladders, floors, and loading docks.

2. Rust Begone

Diamond plate is created from both steel and aluminum. While steel allows rust and corrosion, aluminum is known for its ability to withstand the elements. If your job site will be encountering moisture often, the aluminum diamond plate’s resistance to corrosion cannot be understated. Aside from job sites, aluminum diamond plate’s rust resistance makes it optimal for more aesthetic applications.

3. Germs Are Not Welcomed

As previously mentioned, aluminum diamond plate’s resistance to rust and corrosion aluminum also makes it extremely hygienic. The material is easy to wash and can stand up to harsh chemicals and cleaning products. Along with its slip-resistant surface, diamond plate’s ability to be cleaned with ease provides further reasoning why it is used in industrial kitchens, bathrooms, and walk-in freezers.

4. Diamond Looks

With all the benefits of diamond plate, sometimes diamond plate can sit around and look pretty. The material is popular for decorative purposes due to its shine, raised pattern, and variety of finishes available. The material can be utilized as paneling on walls, flooring in garages, and even signs created from it for businesses. If you’re aiming for a metal aesthetic, diamond plate may be the material for you.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of both steel and aluminum diamond plate, you can see how versatile the material is. Whether it’s for a job site, a kitchen, or decoration around your home, diamond plate will make a statement.

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