How to Protect Outdoor Metal Art

How to Protect Outdoor Metal Art

We know you spent so much time carefully choosing and scouting to get that perfect outdoor art for your home! But once you have it, what steps can you take to ensure it looks good as new for as long as possible?

There are many ways to protect your outdoor metal art. The methods we will be including in this article include choosing the correct art for the outdoors, covering your art from the weather and different outdoor elements, applying some powder coats to your art, cleaning your art regularly, removing any rust, and repainting your items.

7 Ways to Protect Outdoor Metal Art

1. Choose the Right Metal for Outdoor Use

The first thing you will want to do is make sure it is the correct metal for outdoor use. Metal for indoor use will rust much quicker than metal used outdoors.

You will also want to consider your environment. Some places tend to get more rain and humidity than others places. This will take into account if your metal will rust quicker than others.

You may be wondering: what is the best metal to use for outside usage? The answer is typically aluminum. Additionally, you may purchase a powder coating for extra protection of your metal.

2. Cover Your Art from the Rain and Other Elements

You will want to consider covering your art from the weather elements at play. Water especially can cause rust because it will seep into your art and cause rust. The sun can also cause some issues with the coloring and the lifespan of your art.

To avoid this from happening, you may put it under something such as a roof or gazebo to keep the elements far from the metal art. Doing so will protect your art from harsh elements such as rain, snow, or the sun. It is okay to expose your art to such things, but not for long periods of time.

3. Apply Powder Coat to your Metal

Applying a powder coat to your metal will help protect it. It will make your art more durable than just regular paint would. Powder coating is where you apply dry pigment powder to the metal. When it is applied, it sticks to the metal art and can prolong your metal art’s lifespan. Applying a powder coat can also help combat oxidation and correlation from the elements.

4. Clean Your Art Regularly

This is the one step that you should not take lightly. Cleaning your metal art regularly can help keep dust and water off your metal art. This will result in prolonging any of the rust that will apply to your art.

5. Remove Any Rust

A good step to take is to stop rust in its place. You do not want it to spread to any other part of your metal art. There are many ways to remove rust such as scraping it off. This way you can get ready for the next step of repairing your item.

6. Repaint Your Metal Art Items

You may want to consider repainting your metal items. This has to be done when there is no rust on it, or the rust will show. Repainting your items can help with their lifespan. Additionally, it can help keep up with looking good and free from the elements.

7. Take Some Time to Reflect

Take some time to reflect on what is best for you and your lifestyle. What may work for someone may not work for others. All these tips can work in harmony to keep your outdoor metal art looking fresh and new.

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