How to Save on Steel and Metal Supplies

High-quality steel and steel supplies aren’t exactly cheap. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can get the materials you need without putting a dent in your wallet. Whether you’re a seasoned metalworker purchasing supplies for your next big project or an artist looking to buy steel for your next piece, Tampa Steel and Supply is here to help with three easy ways you can save on steel and steel supplies.

3 Ways to Save on Steel and Metal Supply

1. Check for Specials

Many companies offer weekly, monthly or ongoing specials, so be sure to research local companies and what they’re currently offering. In many instances, you can garner significant savings on your steel and steel supplies just by buying at the right time. Tampa Steel & Supply offers ongoing specials, including specials on ornamental steel and our “Steel of the Day” offerings.

2. Buy Surplus Steel

Buying surplus steel is one of the easiest ways to get high-quality steel and steel supplies for less. Businesses can close unexpectedly, projects can go in a different direction, and sometimes companies simply overstock. Whatever the case, steel companies will take excess steel and other materials and offer them at a deeply discounted price, so be sure to check for any surplus steel near you.

3. Sell Your Excess Steel and Metal Inventory

Have steel or steel supplies you didn’t end up using? Or maybe you purchased more than you needed to complete your project? Your money hasn’t gone to waste. The same companies that sell surplus steel will often purchase your excess steel from you. Besides making back some of your money, you’ll cut storage and handling costs and clear up space for new materials.

Tampa Steel and Supply, Your One Stop Shop for Steel and Metal

At Tampa Steel and Supply, we love a good deal, which is why we’re always offering great specials on our steel and steel supplies. If you’re in need of any products, be sure to check our specials to see what we’re offering this week. We also buy and sell surplus steel for your convenience. Give us a call today at (813) 241-2801 or contact us online for more information.