The Marvels of Motorcycle Welding

The Marvels of Motorcycle Welding

Metals, including steel, are used in a vast array of applications across industry sectors. One of the ways in which different metals are showcased in high art forms is in the fabrication and manufacturing of motorcycles. Here are three of our favorite metalworking marvels in the industry of motorcycle welding.

The 3 Most Stunning Marvels of Motorcycle Welding

The Marvels of Motorcycle Welding

Image: Bandit9

1. Bandit9 Ava

The Bandit9 Ava boasts a handcrafted steel unibody made completely out of polished metal. Based on a 125cc Honda Supersport, this limited edition motorcycle is one gloriously chromed-out and swoon-worthy piece of metalworking art.

The Marvels of Motorcycle Welding

Image: Silodrome

2. Magpul Ronin

Named after the 47 Ronin warriors from Japanese legend, this vehicle was engineered by the same company that manufactures a foldable machine gun. The word “Ronin” refers to a feudal Japanese samurai who lost their master because of either death or disgrace. The cast aluminum tail section is supported by a minimalist steel subframe, making for one ride that lives up to its name.

The Marvels of Motorcycle Welding

Image: Ridingmode

3. Akrapovic Morsus

The driving idea behind this custom motorcycle is the idea of reflecting the scorpion. The term “morsus” even refers to a sting or a bite. Morsus is a dream-turned-reality built using a combination of titanium, carbon fiber, and stainless steel.

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