Metal Blasting

Metal Blasting

Everyone would agree metal surfaces look better when they are shiny and lustrous. However, over time metal can lose its sheen resulting in them looking dingy and worn.

So, how would one restore the brand-new looks to your metals? By the process of metal blasting.

How does metal blasting work?

Blasting works to smooth rough surfaces, shape surfaces, or remove surface contaminants by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface. This process uses pressurized fluid to propel the blasting materials.

Blasting is used on various surfaces to create a shiny and new appearance. This process seamlessly removes all imperfections on a metal surface. Some examples of this process include paint, rust, and corrosion. Doing this can make all your metal surfaces look like new.

Benefits of Metal Blasting

There are many benefits of using metal blasting for your project. Some of them are:

  • Removes corrosion such as rust
  • Prepares the surface for the next part of the project
  • Environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals
  • Faster than most other procedures on the market

The 5 Best Ways to Blast Metals for a Clean Finish

1. Bead Blasts

Bead removes surfaces by applying fine glass beads at a high enough pressure. This is a great option for the build-up of calcium deposits or fungus. Additionally, this is one of the best options for removing paint during auto bodywork. You do not need to worry, as it is gentle enough to remove the paint without damaging or inviting rust under the repainted surface.

2. Dry Ice Blasts

Dry ice is another great option to try to restore your metal. Dry ice blasting uses dry ice to force carbon dioxide particles off the surface. Compared to the other forms of blasting, dry ice has proven to be less destructive. This is ideal to use for sensitive surfaces.

3. Hydro Blasts

Hydro blasting uses high-pressurized water to refresh surfaces. This is best to use for surfaces with hard-to-reach places. This method is also great for the environment as you can capture and reuse the water for the same project.

4. Micro-Abrasive Blasts

If you’re looking for the most precise blast, look no further. This blast uses a small nozzle to deliver a very thin stream to a small area. You may use it directly on a piece of glass or cut out a pattern in an eggshell.

5. Wet Blasts

Wet abrasive blasting can be used on various surfaces. How it works is you take hot water and soap and remove the hazardous waste without danger. This is a simple way to make your metal look like new.

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