What Is Metal Shearing?

Metal shearing is the manner in which metal can be cut into the pieces you want by causing the material to deconstruct. Shearing done in this manner offers a cleaner cut than torching the metal provides. This process can be done in a variety of ways, ranging from using industrial tools for factory work to power shears which can be used for home improvements or for art designs.

3 Approaches to Metal Shearing

1. Guillotine Shearing

Straight shearing is perfect for working with metal coils, sheet metal, and plates. This process is done with a guillotine shear, which can be hand powered or foot powered for ease of use. The metal is held in place with a ram, while a moving blade slices by a fixed blade to shear the metal. You can increase or decrease the force by adjusting the angle of shearing. For smaller projects that require intricate cuts, this is the best option.

2. Bench Shearing

A bench shear is an effective tool for cutting large to medium sizes of metal for all manner of projects. Although the bench shearing method is not the best one for delicate work, this is a great option when you need clean cuts that are quick and free of all burrs.

3. Alligator Shearing

Alligator shears are used for cutting scraps or long metal stocks. This process is best used for results that do not require high levels of accuracy but which need to be done in a quick and efficient manner. Alligator shears allow you to cut and shape pieces of metal that could otherwise only be cut by a torch, giving you cleaner cuts and better results.

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