The Infrastructure Bill, Florida and Steel

The Infrastructure Bill, Florida and Steel

President Joe Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure deal into law. This bill will pour billions of dollars into state and local governments to fix outworn bridges, roads, transportation systems, and more.

What The Infrastructure Bill Means for Florida and Steel

What does the Infrastructure Bill mean for The State of Florida?

The State of Florida will gain about $13 billion in federal funds to restore outdated highways.  Florida will also receive $2.6 billion over the next 5 years to enhance public transportation. This is critical considering that there are already more than 3,500 miles of Florida highways that are in below par condition.  Moreover, studies have determined that commute times across Florida have increased by 11.6% since 2011.

The infrastructure bill doesn’t stop there though. There is more federal funding that Florida will receive in the next five years because of the infrastructure bill. $1.2 billion will be given to better the development of airports, $1.6 billion to update water infrastructure, and $198 million to drastically expand electric vehicle charging across the state. $245 million will be provided for bridge restoration and replacement. Currently, there are 408 bridges in need of reconstruction and fixing.

Better roads, more transportation options, and environmental stewardship are all critical to support Florida’s continued growth and success!

What does the Infrastructure Bill mean in terms of Steel?

Florida will need a lot of steel to complete these crucial infrastructure projects! The demand for metal is projected to increase by as much as 218 million tons between now and 2025.

Concrete used to make highways is reinforced by strips of mild steel called rebar. Rebar is spread randomly throughout the concrete mixture. This creates better stress resistance to handle the constant pounding from heavy trucks and vehicles. The mild steel is also softer than the set concrete. Therefore, the road lasts longer and is better for tires.

Steel is also a key factor in the transportation of goods and mobility! In fact, metals are important to every type of transportation.  Cars, trucks, bikes, trains, motorcycles, ships, and planes are all made out of steel and/or other metals like aluminum and stainless steel. Then, there are the structures themselves that are often made out of steel and other metals.  Look around and you will see that steel and other metals are everywhere we move!

Why is Steel so beneficial to Transportation and Infrastructure Projects?

Steel will be advantageous to Florida’s upcoming transportation and infrastructure projects in several ways. Steel is strong, durable, safe, and affordable. Thus, it’s perfect for all types of construction projects. It is also UV-resistant and can completely be recycled. Both of which are ideal for longevity and the environment.

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