Metal Halloween Decorations

Metal Halloween Decorations

‘Tis the season to decorate your home and yard with festive Halloween decorations. But Halloween decorations go beyond mock tombstones and carved pumpkins. Need some inspiration? Here are five of our favorite Halloween-inspired metal sculptures from around the web.

The Top 5 Metal Art Decorations for Halloween

1. Nothing says “Halloween” like a black cat. A hissing cat was made from metal and steel before being finished with a coat of black paint.

2. This spooky witch silhouette was fabricated using scrap metal and a laser cutter.

3. A Halloween-inspired bat was handmade using 100 percent steel by an Arizona artist. Wouldn’t it look great hanging from a porch this Halloween?

4. These ghosts made from corrugated metal are a creative way to repurpose scrap materials.

5. It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins! A handcrafted three jack-o-lanterns stacked garden stake would add a festive accent to any yard this season.

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