Tips for Painting Metal

Tips for Painting Metal

Adding a fresh coat of paint can enhance your metal surfaces. However, certain metals can be difficult to paint without the right tools and prior experience. Although painting metal surfaces can be a difficult and challenging job, these five tips from Tampa Steel and Supply can ensure your painted metal turns out great.

5 Tips for Painting Metal

1. Select the Right Paint

Unsuitable metal paints, such as spray paint, cheap paint, or any paint not made for metal surfaces are likely to peel, chip, and rub off. High-quality acrylic latex paint is often the best choice for metal. Pay attention and make sure you do a thorough, even paint job.

2. Make Sure Your Primer and Paint Are Compatible

Always read the labels thoroughly before using any products on your metal surfaces. If you use a primer and paint that don’t mesh well together, it could be a complete failure and can potentially ruin your metal surfaces. Thorough planning and a little research are imperative to get a great paint job on a metal surface.

3. Use a Special Primer When Working With Rusted Metal

Just because a piece of metal has rusted doesn’t mean it needs to be tossed out. However, you should be extra mindful of which paints you choose to use on rusted metal surfaces. Scrape off all loose rust and clean the surface thoroughly, then apply a zinc-chromate primer.

4. Make Sure Your Metal is Spotless

Loose paint, dirt, and oils that remain on the surface of the metal can make it difficult for the paint to stick to the metal. It’s crucial that the metal is spotlessly clean in order to garner great results.

5. Sandblast Your Metal for the Best Results

If you sandblast your metal, the surface will be smoother and paint will stick to it easier. Even better, the paint will likely last longer. The rougher the metal, the poorer the paint job will turn out.

Once you cross off all these tips from your checklist, you will be thoroughly prepared. Your metal will thank you for preventing future and further rust while looking brand new with its coat of paint. Good luck with your next project and happy painting!

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