Expanded Metal Uses

Expanded Metal Uses

If you’ve ever walked the streets of a city, you’ve walked over expanded metal. If you’ve ever taken a seat on a bench in the park during a crisp fall day, chances are you’ve sat on expanded metal. And, if you’ve ever eaten some juicy barbeque from your local pitmaster, you’ve eaten food cooked on expanded metal.

Now that you know where you could’ve come across expanded metal in your life, let’s see what exactly expanded metal is. Expanded metal is a type of metal produced from a sheet of any solid metal, including stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, titanium, or copper. It contains diamond-shaped openings, which make it a versatile product commonly used for many practices. To utilize this cost-efficient material, here are five uses for expanded metal.

5 Uses for Expanded Metal

1. Decoration

Sometimes, you just need a little expanded metal to complete an outdoor project. Have a firepit that needs a screen/cover? Expanded metal can help. Realize that your gutters can use a little upgrade while being functional? Expanded metal can serve as a gutter guard while giving it a rustic look. It even works as a guard for ponds to protect your little sea critters. To ensure longevity, paint, or powder coat the metal for both functionality and aesthetics!

2. Filtration and Ventilation

While it can be used as decoration, expanded metal can be used in a more practical way. To extend the life of filters in heavy equipment, expanded metal can be utilized as a sort of pre-filter for oil and grease. Its strength as a material allows large particles and other contaminants to strain through the metal before reaching the actual filter.

3. Support

Traditionally, this is where you will see expanded metal used. The pattern of the metal allows for materials like plaster to adhere securely. Some examples of this would be in masonry, tiles, and reinforcement in areas such as doors and windows to prevent cracking.

4. Cooking/Grilling

Now, functionality and décor are great and all, but getting down to brass tax, this is where expanded metal shines: grilling. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to a pitmaster, you know they don’t take their grilling and barbeque apparatus lightly. They like the ability to customize and build a grill that appeals to all their cooking needs and expanded metal allows that.

5. Furniture/Benches

Finally, a great advantage of expanded metal’s strength and aesthetic is its ability to serve as a great material for outdoor furniture. Some furniture commonly made from expanded metal are tables, chairs, and benches. While they take a bit of welding ability and knowledge, you can create some beautiful yet functional pieces of art.

Expanded metal is about as versatile a material as we see in the world of metal. It can be used in a variety of ways while being cost-efficient. So, next time you have a project that features expanded metal, come down to our warehouse, get a great deal, and be on your way to success!

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