Surplus Steel Uses

Surplus Steel Uses

Whether you’re looking for cheap material on the job site or have a small budget for a project at home, look toward surplus steel to fit your needs. Surplus steel has plenty of advantages – good for the environment, durable, and most importantly, good for your wallet. That said, how will you use the affordable material? Here are 6 uses for surplus steel around the home or on the job site.

6 Uses for Surplus Steel

1. Structural Projects Around the Home

If you’re the handyman at your home, you’re doing most projects on a budget. So for something you do not need a lot of and don’t want to break the bank, buying surplus steel will be your best bet. Whether you’re using it indoors or outdoors for banisters/hand railings or other applications, it will just need a little bit of elbow grease to make it look as desired. But for any project around the home that you need durable material, surplus steel is a great option.

2. Art

Some people see steel and think of construction. Some people see steel and think “oh, what can I create out of that?” That is where surplus steel and artists meet. Depending on your skillset with steel, your results may vary, but for the most part, steel allows for plenty of options in how it is brought to life. For abstract designs, steel pipe is a favorite of many. If you need inspiration, go onto Pinterest or Instagram for ideas. Then, visit your local steel supplier, check out their surplus section, and you are on your way to creating some art!

3. Foundations

For a more traditional use of surplus steel, look no further than home foundations. If your team is building a foundation and you feel that wood and concrete aren’t cutting it, pivoting to steel may be your best option. Steel piping is the most popular when utilized in foundation building. The steel will not only provide more strength to the structure but increase safety and durability.

4. Drainage Systems

This one may be more of a niche application, but if you have a pond at your home, a drainage system should be on your to-do list. The durability of the steel pipe, even if it is surplus, will survive constant exposure to moisture. But in general, if you need any drainage system around your home, surplus steel pipe should be one of the first materials you look into to complete your project.

5. Framework

Traditionally, the framework of residential homes has been constructed using a mixture of wood and concrete. However, there is a lot of variability in the integrity of wood with it being sealed properly or being so warped that you cannot get beams aligned correctly. That said, with steel, namely surplus steel, you can get material at a decent price while also getting all the advantages that steel offers. How steel is utilized in constructing the framework of a home can be multifaceted. You can choose to build the entire framework out of steel, which isn’t as popular of a method. Or, you can pick and choose the areas where you will be applying the steel, such as support beams. However you choose to use steel in your home’s frame, it will be structurally sound.

6. Garage

As he-sheds and she-sheds have increased in popularity, so has the use of steel when constructing these additions. Like homes, garages were typically built using wood for the framework. However, not only does steel provide greater stability for the auxiliary building, but also provides the ability to purchase surplus steel on a smaller budget.

Now that you know some uses of surplus steel, visit your local steel supplier, have a look around, and get to building!

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