Square Bar and Round Bar Uses

Ways to Use Round Bar & Square Bar

Are you a welder looking for material to practice on? Do you want the rustic look of steel as part of your décor? Or, do you simply want the practical advantages of steel while benefiting from its aesthetics as well? Whatever reason you have for looking into the steel, round bar, and square bar are great materials to start with.

The reason being is that round and square bar offers a versatility that is unmatched compared to other steel products. As the materials come in a variety of sizes while providing various strengths in terms of being hot or cold rolled, you can utilize them as they come or alter them freely.

That said, here are 7 ways to utilize steel round bars and steel square bars for your next project.

7 Ways to Use Round Bar & Square Bar

1. Protective Barriers

As these metal bars, specifically the hot-rolled square/rounds bars, can be molded and welded into whatever shape is needed, they’re ideal for creating protective barriers. For example, if you live in an area where animals are a concern, you can create a cage for your air conditioning unit to prevent damage or unwanted debris from entering it. Also, the bars can be used to create burglar bars for your home or rental property to prevent intruders from entering.

2. Gates

You’re looking around your property and feel like it needs a makeover? Steel fencing could be your solution! Depending on your preferred aesthetic, round and square bars offer plenty of choices in how you want your fence to look while providing as sturdy of a fence as there is. And, an added plus to a steel fence is that the bars have spaces between them allowing for an unobstructed view of your neighborhood and your own home.

3. Railings

A fan of modern architecture and modern interior design? Look no further than a square bar or round bar for your railings within your home. The steel material creates an extremely sleek look that pairs nicely with wooden or tiled stairs and landings. A stainless-steel round bar railing, in particular, creates the atmosphere of an elegant home without breaking the bank.

4. Brewing

When you think of a brewery, you think of the giant stainless steel vats that contain the liquid gold that is beer. However, what makes those vats stand up? They are more likely than not steel round bars! This is due to the round bar’s ability to withhold a tremendous amount of weight, typically of the cold-rolled variety.

5. Furniture

In the same vein as reinforced bar (rebar) furniture, steel round and square bar allows the same amount of flexibility in terms of welding and bending to create a wide array of furniture. Ideally, the material can be used to create the legs of tables, chairs, stools, and benches. As previously mentioned, its ability to withstand a large amount of weight serves as an optimal option for furniture.

6. Grills

While expanded metal is usually called upon to create grills, we cannot forget about the framing of the said grill. That is where the steel square bar comes into play. Your expanded metal will not fray as easily if you weld it to square bars. This is due to its tensile strength and ability to withstand high temperatures.

7. Manufacturing

For a broader view of what steel square and round bars can create, look no further than how it is manufactured. The material can be used to create nuts, bolts, and screws. The reason that large fastener manufacturers use these steel bars to create such important pieces is that the machinery that will utilize the screws and bolts needs to withstand weight and cold, which they do.

Next time you’re thinking of a home project or simply just think about what they make that box of screws you just purchased from, think steel square and round bars. The material is so widely used that we don’t even realize how much surrounds us. Good luck with your next project!

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