What is Metal Fabrication

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal is one of the most important materials we use in the construction of everyday goods. Cars, household appliances, and structures are all made from metals, and metal fabrication is an essential part of the assembly process. In this article, we answer the question “What is metal fabrication?” and discover the various processes and applications that can be used by companies to create metal objects and structures.

What is metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structures by bending, cutting, or assembling the material. Metal fabrication is often involved in creating parts, structures, or machines from raw materials.

Metal fabrication projects can use a variety of tools and equipment to create these structures and items. The industry has various subsections, which include architecture, hardware, cutlery, and nuts and bolts. Some contractors make a variety of metal goods under one roof, which can be beneficial to businesses and suppliers they work with. You’ll find welders, blacksmiths, and ironworkers within these metal fabrication companies, all of whom use their skills and expertise to create metal products.

The metal fabrication process can be broken down into three distinct phases. Firstly, the design phase involves drawing out the measurements of the intended project. Fabrication is the second phase, which involves cutting, assembling, and bending metal. Finally, the work will be installed or put together with other metal pieces to create the final product.

Types of Metal Fabrication

Industrial, structural, and commercial metal fabrication are the main categories of metal fabrication. Each of these projects will start with a piece of raw material, which is then bent or constructed to create the items that are required for the consumer or business. They can then have electronics or other items added to them, which will create household goods, cars, or other items we use on a daily basis.

Industrial Metal Fabrication

Industrial metal fabrication is the process of creating industrial products for a range of purposes, including water treatment, aerospace, and automotive uses. These projects are usually larger in scale and may include the creation of vehicles and heavy machinery.

Structural Metal Fabrication

Structural metal fabrication is a critical part of the construction process and can help to build commercial or residential properties. You’ll find that some of the world’s most famous structures were made with structural steel, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Empire State Building. Structural metal fabrication could include building platforms, walkways, stairs, or other framework components. Metal may make up the whole of the structure, or it may be part of the building alongside other sturdy materials. Most metals are incredibly strong and can withstand high winds and other severe weather conditions to keep residents and visitors safe.

Commercial Metal Fabrication

Commercial metal fabrication is the term given to the creation of parts that are used within commercial venues. This could include shelves, guardrails, and awnings, which can be added to public spaces or buildings. Decorative metal items will also fall under this category. The items made in this way are usually more intricate and smaller than you’ll find in residential or industrial metal fabrication.

Metal Fabrication Applications

As you can tell by now, metal fabrication applications are limitless. Metal fabrication uses a variety of raw materials, which might include expanded metal and plate metal to make commercial and consumer goods. Any metal part or structure you see in the world around you today is likely made through the process we described above. The car you drive every day and the buildings you visit likely have metal structures as part of them. You’ll also find that metal fabrication is crucial for smaller projects. This could include the toaster you use to make your breakfast or the tools you use at work to finish your projects on time every day.

With so many applications of metal fabrication, you need to ensure you have the right material to start your next project. We offer a range of steel supplies that can be used as part of the metal fabrication process. We’ll be excited to support you with your work and ensure your next project is a huge success.

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