How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is commonly used to add a polished, modern touch to our bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor living spaces. While it’s beautiful, stainless steel is also a delicate material. You will need to keep your appliances properly maintained to hold up their enviable sheen. Fortunately, cleaning stainless steel appliances is easy, but it’s important to do so correctly to minimize nicks and scratches. Learn eight ways to keep your stainless steel truly stainless.

The 8 Best Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

1. Warm Water

The best way to keep your stainless steel clean is with regularity. By regularly taking the time to wipe your stainless steel products with a wet cloth, you’ll minimize the need for deeper cleaning in the future.

When using a wet cloth on your stainless steel, proper drying is the most important step! Use a dry cloth to prevent the minerals in water from building up and leaving water spots on your appliances. For a more efficient drying method, try using a microfiber cloth.

2. Non-Abrasive Scrubbers

A wet washcloth may not always be sturdy enough to take care of caked-on dirt and grime. While it’s OK to use a sponge or a bristled scrubber, it is extremely important you do not use an abrasive material, such as steel wool. Doing so could result in scratches on your stainless steel. When shopping for the right material to use, look for scrubbers labeled “non-scratch.”

3. Vinegar Solution

When the job requires a little more strength, a mild dish detergent or white vinegar may help. Vinegar is a great, all-natural cleaner for most of the surfaces in your home. Try adding one cup of vinegar and two cups of water to a spray bottle and spritz over the stainless steel surfaces in your home. Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth or paper towel and dry thoroughly.

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4. Oils

Did you know that certain oils are great for cleaning stainless steel surfaces? After cleaning with a vinegar-based solution, rub oil onto the stainless steel surface–first wiping in the direction of the grain, then in a circular motion to polish and shine. Most oils work equally well, but olive oil, mineral oil, or almond oil are all good choices. The trick is to use gentle swipes, with the grain, then circular wipes to polish. Stay away from baby oil though as this can attract dust.

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5. Baking Soda

If stubborn spots remain, you can make a homemade baking soda paste and let soak overnight.

6. Dishwashing Liquid

The clean and pristine finish of stainless steel can look completely abandoned with just one fingerprint. A gentle degreaser, like a dishwashing liquid, can remove fingerprints and leave your stainless steel surfaces looking like new. Clean the surface all over or spot-clean with a very soft cloth and a few circular polishing rubs.

If opting for detergent, you shouldn’t need more than a drop or two. Start by partially filling your sink with warm water, and adding the detergent to create a soapy solution. Soak a cloth in the solution, wring it out gently and scrub the dirt and grime off of your stainless steel. Since dish detergent breaks down oils, it will help dissolve smears from handprints and fingerprints.

7. Glass Cleaner

Fingerprints on stainless steel are usually inevitable, especially if you have children in the home. Fortunately, removal is easy. Glass cleaners, like those used to clean windows, can be used for quick spot treatments. To prevent drips, spray the cleaner onto a cloth or towel instead of spraying it directly onto the stainless steel. Wipe fingerprints away in a small circular motion.

8. Stainless Steel Cleaners

A cleaning product made specifically for stainless steel will help if you already have scratches and severe stains on your appliances. Some products will even help to prevent new scratches and stains from occurring.

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