Picking the Right Gate Operator for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Gate Operator for Your Home

A gate operator is a mechanical device used to open or close a gate. You will often find one at the entrance of a parking lot or at the end of a residential driveway. When choosing a gate operator for your home or business, you have a few options in terms of supplier and model. Learn more about the quality gate operating equipment we carry at Tampa Steel and Supply to discover which one best fits your needs!

Which Gate Operator Is Right for Me?

At Tampa Steel and Supply, we offer a variety of slide, swing, and overhead models from two trusted sources. Here’s more about our suppliers…

The Ramset Series

Gate operators by Ramset are some of the most durable and reliable in the industry. The series consists of a variety of models, and each is designed to provide safe, efficient, and secure operation for years to come. Ramset gate operators are made to perform quietly and efficiently and are easy to install, test, and use.

Eagle Access Control Systems

A highly trusted and innovative gate control supplier, Eagle produces quality products at economical prices. Eagle gate operators are safe, durable, quiet, and user-friendly and are always built with the latest technology.

Should I Choose a Swing, Slide, or Overhead Gate Operator?

This depends on the positioning of your gate. Here’s more about each type of gate operator to help you make the right choice…

Swing Gate Operators

Swing gate operators are used for gates that swing open like a door. If you want a gate to simply open outward or inward, a swing gate operator is the right choice. This design works well for narrower gates that don’t require too much space to open and close.

Slide Gate Operators

A sliding gate operator opens a gate that slides on wheels from left to right or right to left. This design works better for wider gates, allowing them to open by sliding to the side rather than forward or backward.

Overhead Gate Operators

An overhead gate operator lifts a gate up similarly to how a garage door opens. Overhead gates are typically used at the entrance or parking garages or in other places where space is limited.

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Tampa Steel & Supply Has the Right Equipment For You!

We are proud to offer a large variety of high-quality gate operators, gate accessories, metals, and steel. Learn more about the products we carry and give us a call if you have any questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the right products to meet all of your gate and accessory needs.

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