Things to Consider When Choosing a Gate

What to Consider When Choosing a Gate for Your Home

Buckingham Palace, the White House, the Land of Oz; What do these three places have in common? Well, they house important societal figures (both real and fictional), but they are also each guarded by a beautiful, elegant gate.

The right gate can do wonders for your home’s outdoor space, adding an element of style and making a statement while keeping your property safe. Whether you seek to place one at the edge of your driveway, the entrance to your garden, or the division of your front yard and backyard, considering these factors will help you choose the perfect metal gate.

Swinging Gates vs Sliding Gates

There are many different kinds of gates, but most commonly, you’ll find ones that either slide or swing open. When choosing between a sliding gate and a swinging gate, consider where you are placing your gate, how wide or narrow it is, and how much space there is around it.

Swinging gates: A swinging gate opens outward and inward like a door. This design works well for narrower gates that do not require too much space to open and close.

Sliding gates: A sliding gate opens by sliding from left to right or right to left on wheels. This design works better for wider gates, allowing them to open by sliding to the side rather than inward and outward.

Manual Gates vs Automatic Gates

Gate operation depends heavily on the placement and size of your gate. If it is at the front of your driveway, you will probably want to have an automatic gate so you can open it remotely from your car without having to get out. However, a smaller gate, such as one that encloses your pool or patio, may not require an automatic gate opener.

If you do opt for an automatic gate, you will need to have a gate operator installed. Most of today’s gate operator models are discreet, quiet, and easy to operate.

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Choosing a Gate Is Easy at Tampa Steel and Supply!

Now, that you’ve considered the operational factors for your new gate, it’s time for the fun part. With several types of metals and dozens of ornamental designs, Tampa Steel & Supply will help you choose a custom gate that suits all of your needs. Whether you’re looking to add style and elegance to your home or to protect your property, we have the right metal for the job.

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