Importance of Priming Before Painting

Do You Need to Prime Metal Before Painting?

As with any painting project, preparation is an important step in the process. When painting metals, especially ferrous metals, which are more prone to rusting because of their iron content, primer is a must. Learn more about why you should prime your metal and the best practices for doing so.

The Importance of Primer

Primer serves two primary purposes when it comes to metal. First, it acts as a bonding agent that allows the paint to better adhere to metal. Primer contains extenders, which are solid components used to add weight to the solution. In addition to increasing the adhesive bond between metal and paint, the extenders in primer also give the paint an extra boost of durability.

Primer’s second responsibility is increasing metal’s resistance against corrosion. Primers contain several components that are effective in cleaning, sealing, and protecting metal. The coating increases the metal’s passivity, which makes it more resistant to corrosion-causing agents in the environment such as rain, humidity, and salt.

Preparing Metal Before Painting with Primer

Primer will prepare your metal for paint, but first, there are a few initial steps you should take to prepare your metal for primer. If the metal has been painted on before, scrape the paint off with a scraping tool. It is also important to remove existing rust as best as you can. A scraping tool, sandpaper, or a wire brush may be necessary.

Once you have gotten the metal’s surface as smooth as possible, brush off the residue. Make sure the surface is clean and free of remaining particles and debris before applying primer.

How to Prime Your Metal

Primer can be applied through a variety of methods including a spray can, spray gun, brush, or roller. Follow the instructions on the product for proper application and drying time. You will usually need to let the primer dry overnight before applying paint. Some surfaces may benefit from a second coat.

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