FOZZ Rust Remover

FOZZ Rust Remover

So, you’ve just had steel installed in your home, office, or latest building project and it looks amazing. It’s sleek, it’s shiny, it’s clean… you may even be able to see that attractive mug of yours in the reflection.

As steel industry professionals, we know you want to keep your metalwork looking top-notch, and we’ve got just the stuff to make that happen. FOZZ has been a trusted brand of metal cleaner, primer, degreaser, and rust inhibitor for decades. Here’s a bit more about the FOZZ product line and why at Tampa Steel and Supply, we trust it to keep our metalwork looking as good as it did the day we installed it.

What is FOZZ Rust Remover?

FOZZ is a blend of phosphoric, dichromate, wetting agents, and extenders. Unless you’re a chemist, there’s a good chance you have no idea what any of that means and that’s OK. Allow us to elaborate.

Phosphoric: Phosphoric acid is a crystalline acid obtained by treating phosphates with sulfuric acid. This is what does the heavy duty cleaning work. It is commonly used in fertilizer, soap manufacturing, and food processing.

Dichromate: Dichromate is a fairly strong oxidizing agent. This ingredient is responsible for coating your steel with a protective layer against corrosion.

Wetting agent: A wetting agent is what allows liquid to reduce its surface tension, making it more effective in spreading over and penetrating surfaces.

Extenders: Extenders are a solid component of the solution that perform a variety of functions such as providing easier application, greater water resistance, greater adhesive properties, and adding bulk and heaviness to the coating.

What Does FOZZ Do?

FOZZ can do many things. Most notably, the FOZZ causes iron oxide, also known as rust, to chemically change to iron phosphate, an inert hard substance that allows you to wipe your metal to a smooth finish.

The product is popular among steel fabricators, paint shops, contractors, welding shops, car builders, shipbuilders, lawn maintenance companies, and the commercial fishing industry. It can be used to clean and prime new metal before painting or etch galvanized metal and aluminum. On boats, FOZZ cleans exhaust dinge on fiberglass and dissolves bleeding rust from many painted surfaces.

FOZZ degreaser is a water based, non-flammable solution that dissolves heavy grease build-up on walls, floors, engines, and other equipment.

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Trust FOZZ On Your Steel!

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