Steel Grills & Grilling Gadgets

The month of May is National BBQ Month. That means grilling season has officially begun. If you’re on the hunt to upgrade your grilling equipment this season, you’re in luck. Tampa Steel & Supply has come up with a list […]

10 Surprising Trends All Contractors Should Try

Over the years, we at Tampa Steel & Supply have seen home design trends come and go. Working with homeowners, designers and major construction companies has helped us hone our ability to catch trends. For 2016, we forecast these ten […]

Stainless Steel in Building Construction

The next time you are walking around the block in a big city, take the time to admire the architecture. The architecture in big cities can span hundreds of years. Each building represents a different artistic style crafted from a […]

DIY Sheet Metal Project Ideas

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Steel Inspired Home Additions

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How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

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Why Anodized Aluminum Cookware Is Best

Anodized aluminum cookware is an amazing innovation in cookware technology. Not only is it more durable and thereby more resistant to corrosion, but it’s also safer and healthier to cook with. When cooking with anodized aluminum cookware, less aluminum gets […]